About Prata Journey

Prata Journey is a prata demonstration and hands-on workshop started by Kampong Group Pte Ltd as part of our efforts to engage the community in loving the food we eat beyond taste, and to understand how our food comes about and the pains that go into making it.

Prata Journey is an interactive, hands-on, insightful and fun-filled hands-on experience into the art and science of Prata making.

When done with family members, friends, and colleagues and even among total strangers, serves as an excellent bonding and team building activity.

Who should attend?

Our Prata Journey Programme is recommended to:

Suitable for anyone 5 years and older
(a) All Races and Nationality
(b) All Walks of Life
(c) Families and Friends
(d) School Learning Journey trippers
(e) Social / Networking Groups
(f) Religious Organisations / Outreach
(g) Corporations – No workday program
(h) Senior Citizens group
(i) Residents’Committees

Download Prata Journey Brochure

Kampong Cafe (The creator of Prata Journey) is currently the proud holder of the Most Number Of Prata Made in 2 Hours by Singapore Book of Records.

Prata Journey Prata Journey Prata Journey Prata Journey Prata Journey

Prata Challenge - Prata Journey